KD 400

  • Easy to use
  • Modern technology
  • Decentralised drive technology
  • Also ideal for training
  • One controllable drive motor each for the main drive, longitudinal axis and transverse axis
  • Headstock with switchgear, feed box, tensioning and leading spindles and apron with corresponding toothed gears and switching elements, drop screw and screw-cutting nut are no longer in use in this machine
  • The saddle and cross slides can also be operated manually with the hand wheels despite the separator motors – the hand wheels engage and disengage automatically

Technical Data
Working range  
Perimeter diameter above bed 420 mm
Perimeter diameter above cross slide 210 mm
Centre distance 1000
Spindle nose DIN 55027 Size 6
Spindle borehole 64 mm
stepless speed range 1 - 4000 rpm
Spindle nose DIN 55026 Size A6
Spindle borehole 82 mm
stepless speed range 1 - 3000 rpm
Main drive  
Digital AC-Motor (S6=40%ED) 11.5 kW
Direct transmisson from engine to spindle  
Quill diameter 60 mm
Quill travel 140 mm
Quill internal taper MK 4
Screen Touchscreen 12“
Weight approx. 2100 kg
The technical data are provisional and subject to change.