CD 282

  • For manual, cycle and CNC processing up to interactive contour programming
  • Covered guidance tracks (DGP) for high long-term precision
  • Direct drive from motor to main spindle for high running smoothness
  • Combination control unit for economically advantageous programming and machine operation, as well as optimum access to the work area
  • Mobile control module
  • DMT glide protection
  • Custom removal
  • Precision main spindle
  • Large speed range
  • Compact design
  • Optimum manageability


Technical Data
Working range  
Rotating diameter above saddle

280 mm

Perimeter diameter above cross slide

140 mm

Centre distance

500 mm

Main drive  
Drive power

11.5 kW

Spindle nose DIN 55027

Size 5

Spindle borehole

45 mm

Spindle diameter in front bearing

75 mm

Controllable speed range

1 - 5000 rpm

Compound slide  
Feed range, transverse

0.001 - 1000 mm/rev.

Feed range, longitudinal

0.001 - 2000 mm/rev.

Thread pitches, longitudinal

0.01 - 999.9 mm

Fast traverse, transverse/longitudinal

7/13 m/min

Quill diameter

50 mm

Quill travel

120 mm

Quill internal taper

MK 3


approx. 1600 kg

The technical data are provisional and subject to change.