An optimum area of application of the DMT lathes is the production of individual parts and small series. Exceptional performance, flexibility and high precision characterise our controlled cycle machines.

Problem-free Operation

All DMT lathes guarantee optimum handling. They are easy to program and use. Simple operations can be performed in the usual manner with the hand wheels; for more demanding parts, a program is created on the controller, a program previously saved on the controller is activated or an external program is imported.


High Precision

Precision components, precision bearings, ball screws and careful assembly with constant monitoring guarantee accuracies that are considerably better than the values specified in the relevant standards. Finely ground guides, proven material combinations (no plastic coatings), adjustable wedge bars, lubrication with dosing piston distributors and guidance track covers guarantee that basic precision is retained over the long term.


Versatile Flexibility

The machine equipment can be fully designed for individual requirements. A Multifix tool carrier is part of the basic equipment. Depending on the purpose of use, quadruple tool holders, automatic tool revolvers, driven tools or special tools can be attached.


Optimum Workflow

The operating systems of our machines are among the most modern of their class. User-friendliness, interactive programming and ergonomically advantageous handling guarantee a first-class workflow.


User-friendly Ergonomics

All operating elements are ergonomically located outside of the chip range and offer optimum accessibility to the work area.


Perfect Protection

Guard doors protect the work area and prevent the escape of chips and coolant. As further protection for the operator and environment, coolant spray can also be suctioned from the work area and cleaned using effective air filters.



Extensive consulting before and intensive care after purchasing are a matter of course at DMT.


Reliable Service

If a malfunction occurs on your machine despite all of the preventive measures, our fast customer service is available to you for telephone inquiries and on-site service.